These 7 SIMPLE tips will help you STOP eating junk food FOREVER…

Almost all kinds of processed artificial food are incredibly unhealthy for your body. It is designed to develop cravings and keep you wanting to come back for more. Just by stopping eating junk food you can significantly improve your health.

The temptation to give in to eating junk food is particularly strong when you try a new diet or try to go for a new fitness routine. If previously you had a habit to eat junk food every day, then be ready as it will be challenging to let it go.

Despite that, try not to beat yourself up too much over your weaknesses as it is completely human to have these cravings. You can even have a cheat meal from time to time to reduce these cravings, while not giving up on your goals and staying on track.

Healthy eating starts with a decision. Your overall health will depend on numerous small healthy choices that you will make daily.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Plan your meals

Meal planning is very effective way to reduce junk food cravings. Plan your meals and snacks to avoid being hungry as it will make your cravings for junk food too strong. Develop a habit of preparing your packed meals in advance and planning what you will eat for the week ahead.

2. Have healthy foods close

Stock your fridge with healthy snacks in case you get hungry. Keep some vegetables, fruits or nuts to treat yourself to avoid craving for something unhealthy. Store them in your fridge, office desk, in your car etc. This way it is less likely you will binge on some junk food.

3. Identify your ‘weakness’

If you particularly crave for some type of junk food like cupcakes, chips, fries etc., then it would be wise to avoid buying them, storing them or putting them in your view. Don’t tell yourself that you will never eat them again as it might create too much psychological pressure. You might use them as cheat meals on rare occasions.

4. Eat your food slowly

By eating slowly, you will need to chew your food more. This way you are more likely to eat less and it will prevent overeating, There is a delay of around 20 minutes after a meal when your body realizes it is full. So take your time, chew slowly and consciously.

5. Get enough sleep

Most people don’t have regular healthy 7 to 8 hours sleep every night. Sleep deprivation can cause a lot of health problems and actually can increase cravings for unhealthy foods. Therefore, get to bed earlier every day to give your body some quality rest.

6. Choose groceries wisely

Be responsible and choose healthy foods while shopping. This way you will store healthy foods in your fridge and will eat healthier at home.

Remember, to avoid going shopping when hungry as your cravings for sweet, artificial, high-calory foods will be too difficult to resist.

Decide on what you will buy before you go to grocery store and avoid aisles where junk foods are kept.

7. Learn to eat healthy food

Desires for junk food take us captive usually when we are hungry, therefore you need to eat at least 3 wholesome meals throughout a day to keep up your energy level and avoid a state of hunger. This way it is less likely you will give in to junk food.

Eat more complex carbohydrates like whole grain, protein like chicken breasts together with lots of vegetables.

If you learn to cook better healthy food it can be tasty too.

Find a way to substitute junk foods with healthier options. Bake foods instead of frying them, use whole grain flour instead of white, replace refined sugar with stevia, and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

Be creative with your healthy foods by using fresh, whole ingredients, and you’ll be able to enjoy a lot more!