What is a detox diet?

Detox, or detoxification, is the process of natural neutralization and elimination of toxins from the body.

Toxins are chemically transformed into less dangerous components and flushed out of the organism through stools or urine. The detox diet consists of eating certain foods and drinks to get rid of toxins from the body for improved health.

In other words, this is a diet to detoxify your body. Detox diets may be of different forms, and ingredients allowed to eat.

How does it work?

More likely than not, the food choice is very strict.

However, some detox diets are more flexible, and some incorporate certain drugs to assist in the detoxification.

Detoxification is good for your health if done properly and following professional guidelines. It is strongly recommended to consult a physician or dietician before undertaking a detox diet.

If not conducted properly, detoxification may harm your body. Misuse of a detox diet may result in malnutrition or even certain diseases. But if done correctly, the detox diet can improve your health, help you lose weight and make your body stronger.

In the process of detoxification, all the toxins are removed from the body naturally through the urine or the stools. Fewer toxins in your body promote blood circulation, better respiration, improved stamina, decreased stress levels, and you start overall feel yourself better. However, the #1 reason why people choose a detox diet is due to its weight loss effect.

Most detox diets consist of only vegetables, fruits, and water. Since the detox diet is very strict, you will need to eliminate meat, dairy, alcohol, and bread. This way, your body will consume fewer calories and carbohydrates. Detoxification also results in decreasing the harmful substances in your body including fat and cholesterol.

How long should the detox diet last?

It is highly recommended to undergo a detox diet for a limited short period of time. Doing detox for longer periods of time may cause malnutrition, and you don’t want that to happen. A detox diet is often low in protein and carbs. Keep in mind, that you may feel diminishing energy level and muscle growth.

Therefore, detox diets must only be for a short-term period. After taking on a detox diet, many people claim to have more energy and lose weight quickly. Given that the detox diet is so restrictive, it is not surprising that you will have lost a couple of pounds.

However, detoxing should not be the ultimate weight management solution. Following the detox diet will not help you learn the basics of weight control, such as regular healthy eating, portion control, and exercise program.

Ignoring these basics and returning to old eating habits may result in gaining weight again and feeling just as sluggish as before detoxification. The real reason that detox diets work in the short-term is due to special effort people make to change their eating habits for a limited time.


Therefore, a detox diet can become a good short-term measure to improve your health and lose some weight, but it should be a part of a complex of weight management strategy, involving changing your regular eating and exercise habits.