I am going to share with you the #1 easiest, fastest and surest way to decrease your body fat percentage and lose weight fast.

If you want to find some physical exercise to assist your diet (diet is still more important for fat loss in my opinion) and you just google it, you would find an overload of information of different schemes, exercise plans, workouts, etc.

But in reality to lose weight fast you don’t have to do tons of exercises.

In fact, you can do just ONE thing. And it will be enough.

And this ONE thing is… doing cardio first thing in the morning.

Yes, simple cardio like jogging, cycling, swimming etc. But you need to do that first thing in the morning after you wake up and on an empty stomach.

Doing cardio in the morning for 30 minutes equals doing it for 1.5 hours later in the day. This is why the timing of your workouts is so important.

I will explain myself.

When you wake up, your body is free from calories, cause you essentially have been fasting for the whole night you’ve been asleep. So your body is empty and depleted and when you do cardio it will utilize the fatty acids as the source of energy to keep you going.

Although, the ONLY way it is going to work is if you do cardio in your heart rate ‘target zone’.

It is a very simple calculation and is done like this.

Take 220 and subtract your age. The number you get is your 100% heart reserve. Then you need to multiply this number by two numbers: 0.6 and 0.75. These will be the upper and the lower range of your heart rate target zone.

For instance, if you are 35 years old, your target zone will be:

220 – 35 = 185 – 100% heart reserve
185*0.6 = 111 – lower range
185*0.75 = 139 – upper range

Therefore, if you do cardio in the target zone in the morning on an empty stomach, you will use nothing but the fatty acids to keep you going.

The trick is that your body does not want to give up fat. It simply does not.

Fat is like a stored energy your body keeps just in case of famine or starvation, and it will not give it up easily.

But by getting up earlier and doing cardio, you force your body to use up that stored energy and lose some of those ‘reserves.’

However, as I mentioned before in order to achieve the most effective weight loss results you need to combine cardio with diet.

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Take care!